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Help! What if I can’t answer a question during or after my presentation?

This is one of the most common fears that presenters voice to me. You are likely feeling vulnerable when someone, especially a boss or important client or prospect asks you a question and you can’t answer it. I sympathize with you; really, I do. But it is important to keep your potential problems in perspective.

Every time I speak to a large audience of 100, 500 or more, I ask the following question, “How many of you remember a time when you saw a presenter who couldn’t answer a question and it was embarrassing for the presenter?” Sure enough, 10 or 20% of the hands go up. So yes, this is real and legitimate concern.

But then I ask a second question, “How many of you remember hearing a presenter talk and the person was so boring, so deadly dull, that you didn’t remember anything that person said?” …..

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How to find everything with google

I have found this page with manuals how to find many/many things using google.

*Find Free MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, and Other Music Files:

*Find Free eBooks with Google

*Use Google to Find Free Video Files (avi, mpg,wmv)

*Search College Networks for Open Directories Free Music and Video Files

*Search Hosting Sites for Videos, Music, Programs, and Ebooks

*Find Out When Famous People Were Born and Died

*Finding Definitions of Words

*How to Determine Current Local Time for Any Location

*Search to Find out a Ton of Personal Information on Celebrities

*Find Out How Tall a Famous Person Is. (Height)

*Either/or, Quotes, Not!, Wildcard

or you can just use the page which got few searches included in custom search using google engine

Ako Lupat Banany :)

Koupil jsem nějaké banány a a loupal jsem je. Jeden jsem dal i dceři a byl jsem zle nařknut, že jsem jej oloupal od špičky po stopku. Že prý je to zvrácené a proč to dělám tak nelogicky. Při neděli, trochu filozofie.

Sedl jsem k internetu a strýčkovi Googlovi jsem předhodil dotaz Jak správně loupat banán.

zaujmava uvaha 🙂