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Windows 10 Setup Script

This Windows 10 Setup Script turns off a bunch of unnecessary Windows 10 telemetery, bloatware, & privacy things. Not guaranteed to catch everything. Review and tweak before running. Reboot after running. Scripts for reversing are included and commented. Fork of (different defaults).

SOCKS Proxy using PuTTY

1. Run Putty
2. When you open it, on the left side, expand “SSH”, and select “Tunnels”. The screen should look something like so:

3. Pick a port between 1025 and 65535. We will refer to this as “X”.
4. Under source port, select “Dynamic”, enter “X”, and then enter “myservername:X” under destination. Click on “Add”, and “D X” should appear under ‘forwarded ports’.
5. Next, select “Session on the left side. Set hostname to ‘myservername’. Click ‘Open’ to login to the server. Enter your username and password, and as long as the window is open and you’re logged in, the dynamic proxy will be open. You can tell your applications to use ‘localhost:X’ as the SOCKS proxy server to use, and it should work nicely.